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What is Bene Factum?

Bene Factum is an individual, not a company. My real name is Alex Weldon; the name of the website comes from the Weldon family motto - it means, unsurprisingly, "Well done."

So who is Alex Weldon?

I'm an independent, multi-vocational creative professional. Or, put another way, a starving artist and writer who also makes games, both physical and digital.

What is this website about?

From 2006 to 2011, I used the domain as an all-purpose website, with my art & design portfolio, links to my web-games, and a blog in which I posted everything from game reviews to art tutorials to screenshots from games I was working on.

In 2012, however, I decided that the website would be more useful for me as well as its visitors if it was more tightly-focussed. Now, is used exclusively for my game and puzzle design career; here, you can read about my physical games and find out where to buy them, play my free browser games, print out cryptic crosswords and other pencil puzzles I've made, and read my new blog, which will focus entirely on theoretical and practical aspects of designing and playing games.

But what if I want to see your art?

If you're interesting in my writing, art and design services, head on over to my other website, You can also get there by clicking the Portfolio Site link in the navigation, above. Aside from my portfolios, you'll find more information about the exact services I offer.

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